Trending updates from Google, that you need to know!

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Google has given many essential updates recently, that has gained our attention.  There have been many changes in the Google Search and Google Ad space, that includes the launch of Google My Business app, a much-needed update to the Page Speed Insights tool, and the launch of a new website audit portal. The TrueView for Reach and Ad Sequencing which were in their beta versions are out now and available to all brands globally. Explained here is more about the updates.

Google Search News

Launch of Google My Business App

The launch of the Google My Business app was announced officially by Curtis Galloway, the Engineering Manager at Google My Business. This new app provides a simple way to stand out on Google with a great Business profile . The user can upload a photo, create an offer/event, and add that to their Business Profile on Google.

The new Customer tab on the app, enables all types of customer interactions like messaging, following, booking, or reading and responding to reviews all in one place. It lets you connect to your customers directly through the app. It can also keep a record of significant results related to your business, like the number of people who searched and connected with you through your Business Profile on Google.

Addition of Hebrew and Hijri Date Conversions

Hijri and Hebrew date conversion support has been added by Google to their Search. In the Google search bar, the users can ask for the current Hijri or Hebrew date. The users can also ask to convert any past date to its Hijri or Hebrew equivalent.

Leave comments on Search Results

Google will soon introduce a new feature that will allow search users to post comments on search results for sports games. The users can view others’ comments as well as leave a comment of their own. Although anonymous comments are disabled, the users can delete their comments anytime. This feature is not yet available for all sports and categories across the regions and languages.

Google Ads News

New Bidding Strategy

Recently, Google announced a new strategy to its current Smart Bidding strategy called Target Impression Share. This strategy automatically sets bids to help the advertisers attain their Impression Share goal across all campaigns.This strategy would be useful for campaigns related to brand terms, suggests Google.

The placement of the ad is very important in this strategy. For example, if an advertiser wants his ad to be shown 100% of the time when a user searches then the Target Impression Share should be set to 100% which will make the system to try and show your ad 100% of the time in that bid campaign. This is especially useful for a local brand competing with a global brand.

Global use of TrueView for Reach

TrueView for Reach is now available worldwide for all brands globally, to use in Google Ads and Display & Video 360. TrueView for Reach combines the popular skippable in-stream format together with the simplicity of CPM buying. The CPM (cost-per-impression) makes sure that the ad reaches the intended audience more methodically.

By sighting the two examples of Philips in France, and Fanta in Mexico Google pointed out that this strategy will deliver significant increase in the brand awareness and also elevate the ad recall rate.

Updates to PageSpeed Insights Tool

This is the first major update rolled out by Google to Page Speed Insight tool since January 2018. The updated version (Version 5) of the tool will use Lighthouse, a speed tool from Google, as its analysis engine and also incorporate field data provided by the Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX).

This Version 5 of Google Page Speed Insights is expected to provide abundant information with the union. There are two tabs now in the new report (as compared to one, which listed both desktop and mobile earlier), one for the desktop and the other for the mobile. The data in the new report from the tool is published over various categories, which includes field data and lab data, opportunities to improve the performance, diagnostics and audits.

New Website Audit Portal by Google

A new portal at has been launched by Google to help the developers and webmasters to learn and apply the web’s modern capabilities to their own sites and apps.

This portal’s Measure section allows developers to run an audit of their website (which uses Lighthouse) and score its performance, standards of accessibility, SEO and for following best practices.

The portal lists the findings of the audit results under the categories Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices and SEO and the impact it has on the website. It further provides advice on steps to improve the performance. The Learn section of the portal has extensive content about building websites for the modern web. This audit portal also lets the developer download the audit report for further analysis.

 Introducing Ad Pod Testing to YouTube

Google says that according to their recent research analysis, users care for the fewer frequent ad breaks along with the length of the ad. The results also showed better user metrics with fewer interruptions, like quality content engagement and hence fewer ad abandonment. Accordingly, not long ago, Google announced that it will start testing Ad pods on YouTube for better user experience. This means, two ads are stacked back to back and the viewers are given a choice to skip it and move directly to the content if they find the ad irrelevant.

Google says that by viewing two ads back to back the user would experience fewer ad interruptions later on. They hope to bring about a positive user experience by implementing this. This new experience will be launched on desktop soon followed by the mobile and TV screens, hoping to give a better user experience and also helping the advertiser to have better engagement with the audience.

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