The SEO factors to work on in 2019

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The year 2018 saw broad core updates to the Google search algorithm and this had an effect on how the search results were shown up. The myth that a larger number of backlinks will mean more page ranking was busted. And it was proven again that quality content is what we should be putting up to attract top rankings. Here are some SEO factors that we need to work on in 2019.

  1. Learn the Structured Data
  2. Image improvement
  3. Focus on your Content
  4. Podcasts – the new way to market

 Learn the Structured Data

Structured data looks like a complicated subject, but on the contrary it is easy. One can learn Structured Data by copy + paste and explore method. Structured data communicates the webpage contents to the Google effectively. The structured data will let the search engine know about the store opening hours, location or if any ongoing promotional offers. The product reviews, its related sales and similar important information can also be communicated effectively in the search results. This helps the search engine learn about the contents of your webpage, eventually helping in the ranking like any other quality content.

It is important to match the information in the structured data to the on-page contents. There are websites who have been penalized for incorrect implementation of the structured data. Do not do this mistake. Some of the mistakes that can be avoided:

  • Structured data information not matching the on-page contents
  • Incorrect structured data usage
  • Lacking the knowledge of Google’s Structured Data general guidelines
  • Failing to understand the specific data types

Avoiding these mistakes will let you progress in Structured data.

Image improvement

As much as the content and the URL links are important for your webpages to rank, the images are also important. Other than making the content visually appealing, the image helps in SEO to a larger extent. The images can be picked up for enhanced listing results.

Use the Best practices for Image SEO to boost your page ranking. Choose the images that tell a story that best explains your content. Step by step illustrations with screenshots are popular among readers especially if you are explaining an important concept. An image that can explain all steps together will rank the best in the search results.

Optimizing the images to a smaller file size will reduce the burden on the bandwidth usages. This will definitely help to load all the images on your webpage when there is too much traffic. By taking care of these things the images will be a good factor to get better rankings in the search results.

Focus on your Content

This is a factor that will never go out of practice. The content is ultimately the only factor that will fetch higher search rankings for your webpages. Pay attention to the content and how they are relevant to your webpages. The content should answer a question or suggest a required solution to any problem posed to get into better rankings in the search results. The website back linking to these types of webpages will work better only if the content is of quality and relevance.

Podcasts are the new way to market

Every now and then there are newer methods of marketing that are being experimented. Podcasts are the newest in the industry. Since most of the information is consumed digitally now, podcasts are just an extension of the same. More so becauseit is convenient to listen to content than to read it. Research shows that podcasts are getting popular in information search results than the blogs. This should be a good reason to market through podcasts.

Through a little research you will learn if your consumers are interested in podcasts. Find a relevant website or a platform to make a podcast about your product, this can be a collaboration with them or just to host it. Sponsorships for certain good podcast content can also be a good marketing way.Appearing on podcasts talking about your service/product is another way.


There are new factors that needs attention for effective digital marketing through SEO every year. Look out for these guidelines to succeed in your SEO endeavors this year.

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