Get a Better Insight of Cornerstone Articles and Their Importance

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Cornerstone content plays a key role in SEO, which is becoming highly popular with Google wanting to have real-time and good quality content rather than keyword-based articles. Such type of content makes a website climb over competition and help under-performing websites. Now, what is cornerstone content? How does it differ from regular content?

Cornerstone Content – an overview

Cornerstone content of a website refers to those pages that are important and are at the landing page or home page or the about us pages of your website. These articles or pages define the main subject or focus of your website. Every visitor would want to read this information to understand your organization or products. These pages are the regular content that readers wish to see and not like any casual blog articles. They describe the products or services that everyone wants to know.

Now, you must optimize this content for the keywords that you wish to rank your website for. Define the set of keywords and write your cornerstone articles based on those keywords. Avoid using these keywords to target any other blog posts or pages of your website other than the core pages.

Target all other articles on your website to these cornerstone articles and create backlinks to these articles. Google will understand that these cornerstone articles are the important ones. The main goal for creating cornerstone articles is for better ranking of core keywords and overall rankings as well.

Why is Cornerstone Content Important?

SEO competes with content marketing, while domain authority is very critical for SEO. Hence, most bloggers generate lengthy content that overrides other websites. It gives a visible presence in Google. The main goal is to establish your website with high authority in your field and to make it appear high in search engine rankings. You must develop cornerstone articles with enough authority to enhance search engine rankings for competitive keywords that you want to rank for.

Google continuously updates its algorithm to get very good quality content on individual topics. Short articles filled up with most keywords is no longer of much help. Google wishes to see good content done by experts.

What type of content do you write for cornerstone articles?

Cornerstone content must be highly informative describing a product or service to relevant audience. The audience must grab something about products or services or use the information provided in a website. Every cornerstone article must be done after a thorough research to touch upon the subject in detail. Suppose you own a shoe shop, you can write a cornerstone article on the types of shoes available at your store. The, you can write about the good and the best fit shoes. If Google ranks those pages better, you get more visibility and known to people.

Cornerstone articles must exactly talk about the business or your business goals. However, even if the article takes a slight turn and focuses on the core skills of your business, which can also become a good strategy to get more visibility and buyers. Whether you keep your article on a post or a page does not matter. The article should be a timely one, easier to find, and with good amount of information. Keep it a bit long with 900 words, as they tend to rank better than the short articles.

Consider the following steps to write impressive cornerstone articles:

Determine the keywords

Define essential keywords for which you want to rank your site. Use those words that your target audience use for search. Then, focus your article on these keywords and make them realistic.

Choose the best post

Pick the best post or page that has been optimized for keywords close to the set of keywords defined. Make this post or page as your cornerstone article.

Recreate the articles

Rewrite all your cornerstone articles to become SEO-friendly. Make it up to date and include all information associated with the topic. It should be well-written and a bit lengthy but readable.

Optimize other posts for long tail keywords

You have already posted your cornerstone article, now you must focus on other posts and blog. Optimize them for long keywords like cornerstone articles but with a slight variation.

Prioritize your cornerstone article

Avoid competing with your own articles on your site. Indicate to Google that cornerstone articles are your most important content to be displayed on the Internet. Link the articles with long tails. Enhance the internal links to the articles for more visibility.


Overall, your cornerstone content should be highly informative, realistic, and good quality. These articles are the most important part of every website and must be handled with care. This helps in great visibility in Google and accordingly enhances individual ranking.

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