A Glimpse Of how to do an SEO Competitor Analysis and Why it is Important!

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Are you planning to venture into new opportunities? Or, you have become tired of overcoming competition in your business? You are losing in organic search? If your answer is “yes” to all of them, then you must do an SEO competitor analysis.

Your competitors provide you with the necessary information on the SEO strategy to be followed that can take you to the pinnacle of success by increasing the organic traffic.

An SEO competitor analysis provides the following benefits:

  • You get to know what works and what does not in your niche.
  • Identify weaknesses of competitors and gives an opportunity to capitalize on them.
  • Understand competitor strengths and replicate them.
  • Prioritize the SEO tasks.
  • Understand the hurdles and challenges in the SERP.

Before getting into the details, let us have a glimpse of what is competitive analysis and its importance and role in SEO.

What is Competitive Analysis?

A very important activity for SEO is the initial competitive analysis. You must identify this process appropriately to make the SEO targets work correctly and provide the fundamental input for establishing your overall strategy. Depending on the industry and scope of the SEO process, the analysis can become a bit complex as several factors are considered.

For facilitating the process and making it easy for replicating, controlling and documenting, you can create your own step-by-step work flow including identification of your competitors, powerful keywords to target, accusing the level of difficulties, and selecting them based on prescribed criteria.

Competitive analysis is important! Why?

Competitive analysis in SEO perspective is critical as it provides data on strategies that are currently working in the industry and tells you what techniques should be followed to improve your keyword rankings. From the analysis, you understand what tasks to prioritize to build your campaigns. Given the analysis results, you can understand the strength and weakness of your competitors. This helps to determine where you can exceed your competitor and identify the resources required.

Identify your competitors

Identify top 4 competitors for your analysis. The key aspect in the beginning stage of an SEO campaign is competitive analysis. Analyzing your competitor as to where they stand gives a great understanding of what your goal is and what you need to do to achieve them. Seeing your analysis results, you can understand who has the most organic visibility in the industry, keywords which are highly valuable and the best strategy to improve your own organic traffic.

Google Sheets competitive Analysis Template

A distinct process is important for witnessing repeated results and to scale your efforts when you work with multiple clients. Create your own analysis template for following a strategic process and focus more on analyzing the results. Fix data points in Google Sheets as per your data collection, identify the tools required for collecting the data points and sort based on similar themes. Ensure that you collect data related to the SEO metrics including the amount of traffic your competitors gain, the keywords that drive the traffic, domain authority and so on.

Backlink gap analysis

Backlink gap analysis tells you which website is linked to your competitors but not your site. This is a very useful to know as it helps to bridge the gaps between you competitors’ backlink profiles and helps to boost your own sites ranking with backlinks from websites, which are already linked to the competitors. Websites linking multiple competitors might have a bigger success rate for you; hence, start reaching out to them for content creation or guest posts. The result of backlink gap analysis shows the number of backlinks of competitors and what you must do.

Keyword gap analysis

Keyword gap analysis is a process in which you determine your competitor’s keyword ranking. With this, you can analyze as to why competitors are able to rank so well, and you are not. You can also start ranking for competitor keywords. Regularly it is done by adjusting the site architecture, reworking on the metadata, creating new content specific to a theme of keywords or by building links that contain all those keywords. The final report of the Keyword Gap Analysis gives clarity as to the starting point for building complex keyword mapping strategy documents that helps to make very good client campaigns.

Implementing competitive analyses into your work flow!

How do you implement the SEO Competitive analysis?It is not something to be overlooked while planning a digital market strategy. The process helps to build very distinct and complex SEO campaigns based on readily available data and market demand. This analysis pulls you ahead of all competition immediately. You can start implementing this process as soon as you are able to adjust it based on what is important for your own business or client’s business.

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